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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Religious of the assumption

The Assumptionists

The Augustinians of the Assumption (The Assumptionists) were founded by Fr Emmanuel d'Alzon (1810-1880) in France in 1845. These religious men and work and live in the spirit of Saint Augustine and for the Church. Their life is regulated by daily prayer, the service and the deep desire to help for the coming of the Kingdom of God. Today, they are more especially involved in the theological research, education, the media, pilgrimages, vocation ministry, solidarity and proximity with the poor, social concern, and youth ministry. They are present on five continents and in 32 countries.

Assumptionists, we are religious who live in apostolic community. Faithful to our founder, Fr d’Alzon, we choose as our prime objective to work, out of love for Jesus Christ, for the coming of the Reign of God in ourselves and around us.
The Assumptionist community exists for the coming of the Kingdom. The spirit of the founder impels us to embrace the great causes of God and of man, to go wherever God is threatened in man and man threatened as image of God.
We must display daring, initiative and disinterestedness, in fidelity to the teaching and the orientations of the Church. That is our way of sharing in her life and mission.

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Assumption Oblate Sisters
Missionary Sisters with a Vocation to work for Unity – Our Motto: Thy Kingdom Come. We are: - Women of faith who live a life of Contemplation in Action
- Driven by a love of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Church (to be deepened continually and taken "to the world")
- Living in International and Inter-generational Communities with an ardent desire for the Coming of God’s Kingdom
  - Within us
  - Between us
  - Around us
- Open to the modern world with a Passion for Mission
- In collaboration with our Brothers: The Augustinians of the Assumption (with whom we share the same Founder)
Faithful to the spirit of our Founder, Emmanuel d'Alzon, we aim to live this mission as "daughters of the Church" and "workers for Unity" who seek the Glory of God and the realization of the ultimate desire of Christ: "May they be One". Ecumenism and Inter-Faith dialogue are, therefore, foremost in all that we do.

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Assumption Oblate Sisters

Religious ot the Assumption

Our life
Assumption Sisters are a diverse group of women from all over the world who live together in close-knit, joyful communities. Prayer, the heart of our life, is how we come to know and love Jesus, and with Him, love the world and its people. It is also at the heart of our educational mission. In the Assumption, education is understood as a process by which the human person is freed and society transformed. That freedom marks our life together in community, as well as our work for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

We are committed to the work of education in its many forms: teaching, parish work, counseling, community development. We reach out to immigrants, recovering addicts, children and youth, college students, prayer groups, etc.

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The little Sisters of Assumption

Life and mission today
The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption was founded in 1865 in France, at the beginning of industrialization, by Fr Etienne PERNET, Assumptionist, and Antoinette FAGE with the aim of "procuring the Glory of God by the salvation of the poor and little ones".

We are present in 22 countries in all continents.

Alongside other Christians and with men and women of good will, we labour so that effective solidarity and the integrity of Creation contribute to the coming of a just and peaceful world.

Our mission leads us, in the poor populations, towards those who are excluded, those who have no voice, those who are displaced, giving particular attention to young people and women in difficulties.

We promote spaces where people can express themselves; we encourage all kinds of meetings in our neighbourhood or at work, trying to bring people together and awaken communities of faith. It is our way of playing an active part in society and in the Church.

In this way, we find that it is possible for each person to grow as a human being and that we can be transformed by one another, according to God’s dream.

Gathered together by Christ, we place all our strengths in common.

"The Eucharist communicates to us the limitless love of the Lord". In community, we meet together around the Word of God and, secure in God's love, we seek to transmit the joy He gives us. Mary, in her Assumption, strengthens our hope. We support one another in carrying out our mission.

Consecrated to the Lord, we put in common all that we are and all that we have. Through that, we offer up our life to Christ. We open out to what is universal. This path of growth in freedom is our way of living out the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

"There is great happiness in living with the life of Jesus Christ and in becoming another Christ." Etienne Pernet

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The Orantes of the Assumption

Our founders, Mother Isabelle-Marie of Clermont-Tonnerre (1849-1921) and Father François Picard (1831-1903), lived in the 19th century, in France.

Great changes characterized this period: the first industrial revolution with its social questions (the misery of the working class), the abolition of slavery, different important inventions, an intense missionary activity and also de-Christianization, secularism. They noticed the lack of faith in secondary schools and colleges and the importance of providing education to form Christian minds.

We live a life of prayer in community at the heart of the world. We were founded in 1896 in Paris (France) for a mission of prayer in the Church.

We are a branch of the family of the Assumption e share the same motto: Adveniat regnum tuum, we exist to pray for the coming of the kingdom in us and around us.

The rhythm of our life is: four liturgical offices, Eucharist, adoration, personal prayer, studies, spiritual reading, lectio divina, part-time work (professional, pastoral ...)

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