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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

General Council

The General Chapter, in electing the tenth Superior General in the person of Father Benoît Grière, elected an international animation team as well: as first assistant and vicar general, a Chilean already present in the former curia, Father Marcelo Marciel; a Congolese, Father Thierry Kambale; a Mexican, Father José Miguel Díaz; and two French, Brother Didier Remiot in charge of the General Economat and Father Michel Kubler as secretary and procurator general. The General Chapter, in electing the tenth Superior General in the person of Father Benoît Grière, elected an international animation team as well: as first assistant and vicar general, a Chilean already present in the former curia, Father Marcelo Marciel; a Congolese, Father Thierry Kambale; a Mexican, Father José Miguel Díaz; and two French, Brother Didier Remiot in charge of the General Economat and Father Michel Kubler as secretary and procurator general.

Benoît Grière

T.R.P Benoît Grière, Superior General

Born on May 22, 1958 in Chauny (Aisne), he did his secondary studies at Épernay (Marne) at the Brothers of Christian Schools (Saint John Baptist de la Salle) when his parents settled in Champagne.
He then continued his studies in Medicine at Rheims in 1976 specializing in nutrition. After his doctorate in medicine in 1985, he did his "cooperation" in Dakar (Senegal) as student-researcher at Orstom in the nutrition sector (1985-1986).
He had thought of the priesthood for a long time, and began preparing for it by studying philosophy in the GFU (Groupe de Formation Universitaire – University Formation Group) (1981-1987) and entered the Rheims major seminary (1987-1989). He then entered the Assumption in 1989 as a postulant in the community of rue François Ier.
In September 1990 he entered the novitiate at Sceaux Hauts-de-Seine and pronounced his first vows on September 21 the following year at Bonnelles. In 1993 he finished his license in theology at the Institut Catholique of Paris. He made his final vows on September 10 1994 at Saint Pierre de Chaillot in Paris.
Ordained deacon on December 13 1994, Benoît was ordained a priest on June 4, 1995 by the Bishop of his diocese, Bishop Bardonne. After a brief stay in the community of Lille, he was sent to Madagascar (1995-1999) where he worked at organizing doctors for the bush country while being responsible for a nutritional center for children. While serving as a health coordinator for the diocese of Tulear, he became, in 1999, a professor of theology at the Seminary of Fianarantsoa. At the same time he served as the pastor of a parish, a prison doctor and a manager for the Center of Nutritional Rehabilitation. In 1998 he becomes a member of the Ethics Committee of the Catholic Church of Madagascar.
He was elected First Assistant Provincial in 1999 and tasked with the oversight of Bayard Presse (2002-2005). Afterwards, he became Provincial Superior in 2005. In an interview for the journal "Brèves" of Bayard in November 2009, when he as asked to define the Assumptionists, he answered: "We are men of communion: we live in a society to promote all that brings people together; we are men who propose faith in Jesus Christ; men who try to witness to their faith, men of dialogue; we are in solidarity with human frailty and weakness. We support the littlest of our human brothers".
In order to give a strong sign, the Superior General takes personal charge of the African continent, since this continent today carries the human hopes and vitality of the Congregation.



He was born in Santiago (Chile) on December 28, 1973.
He learned about the Assumption through the Shrine of Lourdes in the Chilean capital. After completing his secondary studies in Santiago, he made his postulancy in the Robert-Kennedy community and followed his philosophical formation at CONFERRE 1993-1995. He entered the novitiate of Pomaire 1996. He made his first vows on January 18, 1997 and pronounced his perpetual vows on the feast of the Annunciation in the year 2000.
On November 25 of the same year he was ordained deacon by the military bishop Monsignor Pablo Lizama, and priest on October 20, 2001 by Monsignor Tomislav Koljatic, then-Auxiliary Bishop of Concepción. He exercised his first year of priesthood with the young people of Lota, and from 2003 he was sent to the parish of Our Lady of the Angels in Santiago. From 2008-2011 he served in the parish of "San Ana" in Rengo. He became First Assistant of the Andean Province. Since 2011 he has been General Assistant and since 2017 he has been elected Vicar General. As such, Father Marcelo is the Major Superior of our Congregation.
Within the Council, he will be the one most especially in charge of the follow-up of the zone of Europe.


Br. Didier REMIOT

Born on June 30, 1958 in Kolwezi (RDC), he is the eldest of five children and lived the greater part of his youth in Belgium.
In 1981 he became an engineer in aeronautical construction; in 1982 he received a Master of Science in air transportation from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, United States. He entered the novitiate in Boston and pronounced his first vows on September 28, 1987 and his perpetual vows on September 22, 1990.
From 1987 to 1995 he worked as an aeronautical engineer and obtained his canonical baccalaureate in theology from the Institut Catholique of Paris. From 2005 to 2008 he worked at Bayard in the financial sector (control of the administration of the international subsidiaries, acquisition of companies, and international development).
Then as assistant provincial and treasurer, he supervised the project of the Vietnamese foundation whose language he speaks. In Paris he oversaw the foundation of the Youth Hostel Adveniat established in rue François 1er. As Assistant General, Brother Didier, because of his vast international experience, will oversee the whole of the present North American Province.



Fr. Thierry was born in BUTUHE (D.R. Congo), on 25 February 1970.
He did his postulancy in Butembo from 1989-1990 and his Novitiate at the House of St. Charles Lwanga (Butembo) from 1990 - 1991. His first vows were on 10 September 1991 and his priestly ordination was on April 5, 2001.
He was Economat of the Scholasticate of St. Augustine of Bulengera from 1999-2001, Provincial Treasurer from 2001-2004, and did studies in Law from 2006-2011. Father Thierry has been entrusted with the task of following the Mission of the East, the Province of North America, and the International Commission for Secular-Religious Alliance.

José Miguel DIAZ AYllON

R.P. José Miguel DIAZ AYllON

Fr. Miguel was born on October 25, 1959 in Mexico. He did his novitiate in Valparaiso, Chile in 1986-1987, and made his Perpetual Profession in 1992.
He was ordained a deacon in 1994 and a priest in 1995. He studied philosophy at the "Intercontinental University" and theology at the "Colegio Máximo Cristo Rey de la Compañia de Jesús". Mission in Formation and spiritual accompaniment. He was a Local Formator 1994-2005, Local Superior in 1994-2011, Provincial Formator from 2008-2011, Delegate of the Provincial in Mexico from 2006-2011, Provincial of the Province of North America and the Philippines from 2006-2011.
Apostolic missions "ad extra" include: parish priest from 2006-20011, a mission among the indigenous people, formation leader of the Conference of Religious of Mexico 1997-2002, academic secretary to "Instituto de Formación Teológica Intercongregacional de México" from 1999-2005, and treasurer in the Superior Council of the same Institution from 2005-2009.
Father Miguel was in charge of following the Provinces of Madagascar, and Asia, as well as the Assumptionist Formation and the International Commission for Justice-Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC).


R.P. Michel KUBLER

Born on 21 January 1955 in Villé (Bas-Rhin, France), he studied at the Alumnat (a minor seminary) Sainte-Odile de Scherwiller and the Collège épiscopal Saint-Etienne de Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). After a first university degree in Mathematics and Physics, he entered the novitiate of Assumptionist religious in Strasbourg (1975). In 1982, he took his perpetual vows.
He was ordained a priest on June 3, 1989 in Ecully (Rhône) by Cardinal Albert Decourtray. He joined the daily newspaper "La Croix" in November 1989 as a journalist in the Religious Service, and became deputy head in 1992. From July 1997 to December 2009, he was the religious editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Having wished to leave journalism, he lived from January to June 2010 a time of immersion in the Churches of Eastern Europe and the Near East, before being appointed in September 2010 to the Assumptionist community in Bucharest (Romania).
Until June 2017, he was director of the "Saint Peter - Saint Andrew" Centre for Byzantine Studies and Ecumenical Encounters, restored by the Assumptionists in Bucharest. From 2010 to 2014, he was at the same time delegate of the Provincial Superior of France for the entire "Mission d'Orient".
In 2014, he was appointed assistant to the superior of the Assumptionist Province of Europe. In May 2017, the 33rd General Chapter of the Augustinians of the Assumption elected him secretary general and procurator general of the Congregation, for six years, with residence at the General House in Rome.