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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


Signs of God n° 19 - How Fr. d’Alzon treated the poor of Jesus Christ

2016-07-13 - Rome

At Assumption College there was, and still is, a Conference of St. Vincent de Paul. Students visited the poor in their homes

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Signs of God n° 18 - Proponent of works of mercy

2016-04-20 - Rome

Fr. d’Alzon was a great proponent, and sometimes founder, of works in behalf of workers and the disadvantaged

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Signs of God n° 17 - A noble and generous heart

2016-02-10 - Rome

Mercy is the expression of the gratuitous love of God

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Signs of God n° 16 - Humility, a virtue painfully acquired

2016-02-07 - Rome

Saints are not born saints

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Signs of God n° 15 - The Virtue of Obedience

2015-07-06 - Rome

For Fr. d’Alzon, obedience as well as humility finds its origin in faith

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Signs of God n° 14 - His love for purity

2015-07-06 - Rome

« I will dictate at random my memories insofar as they come to me. I cannot help but begin with one of the traits of Fr. d’Alzon which has most impressed me and has impressed all those namong us who have approachedhim.

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Signs of God n° 13 - He lived like the poor

2015-01-21 - Rome

His aristocratic background, his education, his relations with the nobility of his day --- all of this could have made Emmanuel d’Alzon indifferent to social inequalities. But his parents, profoundly Christian, taught him that the Gospel calls us to reach out to the poor and the least among us.

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