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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


Provincial of Brazil

2021-04-19 - Rome

The Superior General, with the consent of his Council, has appointed for a third term as Provincial Fr. Luiz Gonzaga Da Silva

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Le Père général en son conseil de mars 2021 a procédé aux admissions et appels

2021-03-24 - Rome

Assomptionnistes, nous sommes des hommes de foi, de fraternité et d’action

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Rendre grâce pour les 175 ans de fondation des Augustins de l'Assomption

2020-12-25 - Rome

Le Sauveur est né, un fils nous est donné !

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« dies natalis » Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon

2020-11-20 - Rome

In this time of pandemic, it is good that we can celebrate the memory of the "birth in heaven" of our beloved founder, Father Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Letter n° 8 from Fr. Benoit Grière, Superior general

2020-09-24 - Rome

Please find attached Letter n° 8  from Fr. Benoit Grière, Superior general, addressed to the Congregation and to it's friends

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Lourdes: Cardinal Parolin to celebrate Mass on 15 August

2020-08-14 - France

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, will travel to Lourdes on August 15, 2020, to preside over Holy Mass for the Feast of the Assumption

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Father Benoît Grière, Superior General, in his Ordinary Council accepted :

2020-04-23 - Rome

 To perpetual vows, diaconal ordination and Presbyteral Ordination 

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P. Benoît Grière, Superior General: admissions and appeals

2019-11-13 - Rome

We give thanks to God!

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