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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

"Way of Life" of Lay and the Assumption


To meet the demand of the 2011 General Chapter of the Augustinians of the Assumption 1 and wishes expressed by many lay people throughout the world, after numerous consultations with lay and religious, we offer officially this text as "Way of life" for the lay Assumptionists.

Are defined by the fundamental dimensions, the "common ground," the charism and spirituality of the Assumption, that any layman Assumptionist should assume and live, whatever their age, culture, social status or education. He wants to be a synthesis of the main lines that Father Emmanuel d'Alzon, inspired by St. Augustine offers as gospel path to all his disciples: Religious Assumptionists, Oblates of the Assumption, lay people who share the spirit and mission of the Assumption.


A lay Assumptionist is "a person who agrees to live their baptismal vocation and mission resulting in Assumption, in the Church and society". 2

This Way of Life invites to live the fundamental dimensions: life in fellowship apostolic life, life in the Spirit, prayer life. 3

International Commission
Lay-Religious Alliance (CIALR)

To learn more:
Way of life for Lay Assumptionists

1 Acts of the General Chapter 2011, Nº 144.
2 Ib., Nº 143.
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