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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

You need to look ahead in order to make progress


2015-10-29 - Paris

Having had an opportunity the first two days to go around the table and allowing everyone to give an update from his/her province

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Second day of the Meeting of the Lay-Religious Alliance


2015-10-27 - Paris

We continued going around the table and we heard about what's going on in the other provinces

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Meeting of the International Assumptionist Lay-Religious


2015-10-26 - Paris

Alliance Off and Running

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Commitment of Lay Assumptionists


2015-06-14 - Nairobi, Kenya

In an extremely festive atmosphere thirteen lay Assumptionists made their commitment for one year in our religious family at St. Monica’s Parish in Nairobi, Kenya

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One day retreat


2015-03-21 - Worcester, U.S.A.

On Saturday, March 21st, 2015, the two Lay Assumptionist groups from Brighton and Sturbridge gathered at Old English Road in Worcester for a retreat day facilitated by Fr. Dennis Gallagher, A.A. The focus of Fr. Dennis' presentations were five frequent themes found in the writings and preaching of Pope Benedict XVI and how they echo frequent teachings of Emmanuel d'Alzon.

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