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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Becoming an Volunteer

The Augustinians of the Assumption are involved across the world in many different apostolic ventures: any work which can advance the coming of the Kingdom is to be undertaken! This is the meaning of our Rule of Live which says « The apostolate of our Congregation places our communities at the heart of the Church's mission: to gather all men into the people of God.

Our motto: « Thy Kingdom Come » inspires us to work for the coming of Christ's Reign in us and in the world. Just as the Father sent Him, so Christ sends us, with the promise of his Spirit, to serve our brothers by proclaiming the Gospel. » (RL 13)

For some time now all sorts of lay people, of whatever age or background, have volunteered to work with us for the coming of the Kingdom. Gradually we have set up a framework to enable us to welcome volunteers. It is for a great joy to work with Assumptionist Volunteers involved in the local churches!

For more information:
Assumption Young Volunteers Programme
Assumption Lay people Volunteers Programme
Volunteering places

Contact: info@assumptio.org