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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


“Make your way by going farther”

2018-01-05 - Rome

Letter #5 to the Congregation on the implementation of the 33rd General Chapter

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Christmas 2017

2017-12-25 - Rome

Fr. Benoît GRIÈRE, Superior general,

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« Let us not forget »

2017-10-18 - Rome

Letter from the Superior general to Assumptionist religious, to the Sisters of the Assumption Family, and to lay members of the Assumptionist Lay-Religious Alliance.

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Congregations of the Assumption

2017-02-01 - Paris

The year 2017 will be a capitular year for all of our congregations, except for our elder sisters, the Religious of the Assumption, who will hold theirs in 2018

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Letter to the congregation

2016-03-22 - Paris

Just as the Church entered Holy Week, Fr. Vincent Machozi, a Congolese brother from the Province of Africa,was murdered in cold blood

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You are certainly aware of what is going on in Kivu

2016-03-11 - Paris

Our Brothers and sisters in Kivu are supporting those who are suffering as much as possible

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To our brothers and sisters of the Assumption Family in the Diocese of Butembo – Beni

2016-01-28 - R.D. Congo

Message of support and of communion for our brothers and sisters living and working in the Diocese of Butembo- Beni

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Easter Message

2015-04-04 - Roma

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends in the Assumption,

Christ is risen, he is truly risen! This is the cry that issues from our lips on this feast of Easter. The Lord has overcome death and darkness. Life has triumphed.

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