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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


In Memoriam P. Vincent Machozi

2017-03-20 - Rome

Fr. Vincent Machozi was murdered Sunday, 20 March, 2016

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Assumptionists explore foundation in Angola

2017-02-10 - Luanda, Angola

At the end of January, Fathers Marcelo Marciel, assistant general, and Fr. Luiz Gonzaga da Silva, provincial of Brazil, flew to the capital of Angola, Luanda

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« In the DR-Congo, the Church is the last bastion  of the population »

2016-12-18 - DR-Congo

Four questions posed to Fr. Emmanuel Kahindo, vicar general of the Augustinians of the Assumption

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Assumption College Trustees Visit Assumptionist General House in Rome

2016-10-07 - Rome

Dr. Cesareo, president of Assumption College, together with trustees, Assumption Rome students, and members of the Assumpionist community in Rome

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To have a great dream for the Assumption

2016-07-27 - Worcester, USA

Here is the phrase Sr Felicia GHIORGHIES, Superior general of the Oblates of the Assumption used: “To have a great dream for the Assumption”

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The challenges of the future

2016-07-26 - Worcester, USA

After a well-deserved day break of outing on Sunday July 24th during which the participants to the congress visited different places in Boston

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The labour appears to be difficult but the child will be Assumptionist

2016-07-25 - Worcester,USA

How is it possible to elaborate a Charter in three languages (English, Spanish and French) for all the institutions??

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Let's take action

2016-07-23 - Worcester,USA

« We now need to take action » here are the words Fr John Franck used to introduce the work of the sixth day of the congress

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