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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


Mary’s Assumption and Triumph in Heaven

2017-08-15 - Rome

Jesus himself welcomed Mary into heaven

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« Brotherhood is at the heart of our religious life. »

2017-05-21 - Lyon

Fr. Benoît Grière, A.A., Superior general

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«Say 33!»

2017-05-18 - Lyon

When we go to the doctor, he can ask us to say the number 33

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The time is approaching and it is now!

2017-05-17 - Lyon

Since Saturday the Chapter has kept its head in the texts elaborated by the committees

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Braking or the foot on the accelerator, what counts is the right speed

2017-05-14 - Lyon

Precipitation (rain) outside Lyon and the region

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Father Benoït Grière reelected as Superior General

2017-05-10 - Lyon

A solemn moment this Tuesday morning with the election of the person who will guide the congregation during the next six years

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On the way to the election of the Superior General

2017-05-10 - Lyon

The chapter continues with this question recalled at various times

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Headlines ALREADY A WEEK !

2017-05-05 - lyon

A first version of a text about the Alliance between religious and lay people has been introduced and discussed

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