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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption


AA News October 2018 - N° 06

2018-11-13 - Rome

The Church, despite everything

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Editorial AA Info October 2016 # 22

2016-12-27 - Rome

The Provinces of the Assumption are preparing to live the time of their Chapter

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Editorial AA Info July 2016 # 21

2016-07-13 - Rome

As we are in the preparatory phase of the Provincial and General Chapters of 2017

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Editorial AA Info April 2016 #20

2016-04-20 - Rome

Fr. Vincent Machozi was shamefully assassinated this past Palm Sunday

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Reflecting on our past

2015-07-13 - Nairobi, Kenya

The first three days of our session have been a remarkably enriching experience, with many opportunities to get to know one another, to pray together and of course, to work hard together!

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Called to follow Christ

2015-07-13 - Rome

The Lord is risen and we can proclaim with all the believers that death did not have the last word

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