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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Meeting with the youth


2018-01-23 - National Shrine of Maipú, Santiago, Chile

Faith is an adventure, Pope Francis tells Chilean youth

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Province of North America Welcomes New Postulant


2017-12-08 - Rome

Matthew Mary is a native of Nigeria who is in his last year of theology studies at the Angelicum (Pontifical University of St. Thomas)

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Assumptionists Celebrate 10th Anniversary in West Africa


2016-12-09 - Togo

the Assumptionist family celebrated their tenth anniversary of their arrival in Togo

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1st Profession of vows


2016-06-30 - Manille, Philippines

1st Profession of vows of our four brothers Daniel Caglioni, Brian Verzella, Manuel Moran Caloca and Rod.

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Something missing? That uncertainty could lead to a vocation


2016-04-24 - worcester

Brother Ronald Sibugan, A.A., was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert McManus in May, 2015

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Eight Young Men make Final Vows in Kinshasa, among them, the first two Togolese Assumptionists


2015-08-05 - R.D. Congo

Congratulations in particular to the first two Togolese Assumptionists, Georges Houssou and Lucas Sezouhlon

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