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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Christmas Message for the Augustinians of the Assumption and the Laity of the Assumptionist Alliance


2019-12-24 - Rome

Dear Brothers, dear Sisters,

The 2019 Nativity inaugurates for the Augustinians of the Assumption the entry into the jubilee year of the 175th anniversary of their foundation. As I wrote in my Jubilee Letter, we are called to bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ in joy and gladness. I wish that each of you, religious or lay, may the year 2020 be a year of peace and grace. I pray especially for our brothers and sisters who are in countries at war and in countries where injustice and the violation of fundamental rights reign. The Kingdom of God is a reality that begins here on earth and we are all called to work for its coming. The Assumptionist jubilee is a beautiful opportunity for all of us to redouble our missionary zeal. The energy shown by our beloved founder continues to irrigate the body of the Assumption. As we celebrate the establishment of the vicariates in West Africa and Asia-Oceania, we are aware of the immensity of the task that must be accomplished for the Reign to come. Let us mobilize ourselves to make our land a haven of peace and respect for others and for Creation. I leave it to each one to identify them for himself, but I also invite each one to collaborate with other brothers and sisters to show that we are a family in which all the members are in solidarity. In a world ruined by individualism and selfishness, our witness will have all its weight if it is first of all a community witness.

Emmanuel d'Alzon wanted to create a universal fraternity where differences of age, education and social status would be abolished. May we in the Assumption work for this Catholic fraternity.

I pray for each one of you. Do not forget that our founder is a man of God and that we are waiting for the Church to recognize his holiness. The more we will be apostles of the Kingdom, the more the holiness of Emmanuel d'Alzon will be manifested. Happy Jubilee to all!

Father Benoît GRIÈRE a.a.,
Superior General

Photo: CIRIC