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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

The Shrine of Lourdes is a place of prayer


2019-02-17 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Shrine of Lourdes is a place of prayer and encounter with the mercy of God the Father, who welcomes and forgives. What we call "the message of Lourdes" can be summarized in these four words: Prayer, conversion, health, solidarity. All of them are part of the evangelical message announced by Jesus Christ.

The name "Holy Places of Jerusalem", as it was originally known, came from the middle of the 18th century because of the presence of Franciscan friars in the place. The same ones who currently have under their custody the holy places of Jerusalem, it is from there that the name of the zone derives.

On July 31, 1920, the bishop created the "Parish of Santos Lugares", and on October 11, 1922, the cornerstone of the temple was laid. Father Antonio Silbermann, A.A. "was the father of these stones, the one who made them live and speak; but he was, above all things, the most loving son of Our Lady" (Fr. Bonney Elizalde).

"Now his remains rest beside the magnificent church that his tender love for the Blessed Virgin inspired him to build. Thus, this good Father will remain forever in the midst of his own" (P. Pierson, A.A.).