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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Nomination of the Provincial


2017-06-26 - USA

To the religious of the Province of North America/Philippines

Re:  Nomination of the Provincial

Dear Brothers,

With the consent of my Council, I have named as Provincial Father Dennis GALLAGHER.  I thank Fr. Dennis for having accepted this responsibility in a spirit of service and love of the Assumption.

Since the General Chapter and the nomination of Fr. Miguel DIAZ AYLLON as Assistant General, you’ve been without a Provincial.  I would like to thank Fr. Marcel POIRIER, who during this period of transition, has served in an interim capacity with both efficiency and generosity.  Thanks also to Fr. Miguel for the work that he accomplished in the past six years in a context that was often difficult.  Your Province is complex, with four territories and three languages.  Miguel invested himself wholeheartedly to maintain and to develop the Province’s apostolic dynamism.

You are aware of the fact that the 33rd General Chapter decided to create the Vicariate of Asia.  As a result, your Province will be reorganized.  My wish is that the Assumptionist presence in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico) be strengthened.  The concern for vocations, the commitment to pastoral work, the presence in our educational works, the development of Bayard, etc. are your priorities.  The second session of your Provincial Chapter will take specific decisions regarding the orientation of the Province, and you will have the support of the Ordinary General Council, as well as the Plenary General Council to accompany you in the stages of your reorganization in the three years to come.

Thank you very much for participating in great numbers in the consultation.  That is evidence of your attachment to the Assumption and of the responsibility you assume for the life of the Province.

I urge you to support Fr. Dennis with great determination.  Your prayer and your friendship will be important in helping him carry out his mission with peace and joy.

I assure you of my own fraternal affection.  Adveniat Regnum tuum.

Father Benoît GRIÈRE, a.a.
Superior General