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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Emergency situation in the Philippines


2017-05-31 - Mindanao

Islamic violence broke out in Marawi city, the historical capital of Islam in the Philippines, which has about 200,000 inhabitants. There is violence and warfare between the army’s government and the Islamic group, associated with Abu Sayyaf, causing a big deal of human losses for a period of a week.

At this moment, the fighting persists and the victims reach around 105 including 24 civilians killed.

On May 23rd, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, decreed the martial law on the south island for a period of 60 days. This decision can be extended if necessary.

The inhabitants of Marawi are victims of numerous atrocities: hostages, executions, burning schools and churches. Many Catholic faithful have been abducted. According with the Fides information agency, the Bishop has confirmed that nine faithful have been arrested, bounded and executed.

The population, both Muslim and Christian, flees the city and look for refuge in the evacuation centers.

According to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, 55,000 families have lost their homes. There are around 40 evacuation centers available to accommodate them. In the city of Iligan, 7 of these centers have been established for receiving them.

Help them

Because of the situation of emergency, Kaloob, the NGO of the Assumptionists in the Philippines, calls for your generosity to help the refugees.

The Assumptionists and Kaloob are connected with several people, congregations and parishes present in the city of Iligan.

"Here the army is everywhere, the shops closed very early, many refugees come here, the situation is really complicated!", testifies Father Floribert, Spiritan.

"The government provides food but I am worry about the service of potable water because it becomes rare and people also need clothes and blankets.", Father Ila said.

Initially, we foresee to help them with food, bottled water, clothing and blankets.

After the situation stabilizes, we would act in a long term period with the reconstruction of the victim’s houses, scholarships and livelihood.

Indeed, the refugees have lost their possessions, their homes, their activities and their jobs. Without your help, it will not be easy for them to restart their lives again.

Thanks for helping them !

DONATE      http://kaloob.ph/index.php/fr/nous-soutenir/faire-un-don/