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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Assumptionists Offered New Parish in Tanzania


2017-02-14 - Mwanza, Tanzania

In early January, Most Rev. Thaddeus Rwaichi, archbishop of Mwanza, offered the Assumptionists a parish in the diocesan see. Mwanza is a mid-sized port city on the southern shores of Lake Victoria in northwestern Tanzania. With a population of over 700,000, it is Tanzania's second largest city, following Dar es Salaam.

The city, surrounded by hills strewn with enormous boulders, is notable for its strong Indian influences. Mwanza is a major industrial centre and busy port. Yet, despite its rapidly rising skyline, Mwanza manages to retain a casual feel.

Several years ago the Assumptionists took charge of another parish a nearby diocese in Murutunguru, on Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria, where four Assumptionists are currently stationed and attempting to give the parish new life.

The Archdiocese of Mwanza covers an area of 19,062 square kilometers, comprising 5 districts, 5 deaneries and 33 parishes.

The Assumptionist Province of Africa, which covers four countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda is the largest province of the Congregation and the fastest-growing with well over 300 members. In the past five years the province has opened parishes in the RDC, Uganda and Tanzania, a high school in Nairobi, and a community in Bukavu (DRC) responsible for multiple functions in the archdiocese.