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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

New Assumptionist High School opens in Nairobi suburbs


2017-02-14 - Nairobi


On January 16 of this year, a dream became a reality for the Assumptionists of the East African Region. After years of planning and recruiting, the doors of the new Assumption High School for Boys and Girls opened its doors. Rooms were being painted, floors swept, classrooms and kitchen equipped, security gates put in the place, books and offices arranged, shrubbery planted, blackboards installed right up until the last minute.

The school is located within the boundaries of the Assumptionist parish of St. Monica on the way to Nairobi’s international airport, and more specifically in the Katwa neighborhood where the Assumptionists maintain an outstation and the house for postulants. Fr. Ignatius SILIOLIO MATONGWA, who completed his M.A. in educational administration, has been named headmaster and Fr. Benard ODHIAMBO YALA the school’s treasurer. Both attended the Assumptionist international education congress. They expressed their gratitude for this gathering which helped them to understand better the fundamental characteristics of an education inspired by the educational vision of the Assumptionist founder, Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon.

The Assumptionists run high schools, universities, and language centers on five continents, in ten countries.