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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

« dies natalis » Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon


2020-11-20 - Rome

Dear Brothers, dear sisters, dear friends of the Alliance,

In this time of pandemic, it is good that we can celebrate the memory of the "birth in heaven" of our beloved founder, Father Emmanuel d'Alzon. On November 21, 1880, after a life spent serving the Kingdom, Emmanuel d'Alzon left his spiritual heirs to continue his mission. He had confidence in his religious that his Work would continue without him. Today, we are still passionate about his legacy and charism and we want them to continue to grow throughout the world.

In a month's time, we will close the jubilee of the 175th anniversary of our foundation. The jubilee year was strongly marked by the health constraints related to the pandemic. But many initiatives have been taken by both religious and lay people to maintain and strengthen the bonds that unite us. I thank you for this with all my heart. The spirit of Father Emmanuel d'Alzon continues to animate us with his dynamism and his passion for the Reign of God. I am sure that we will continue to work for the Gospel and that we will be more and more workers for the Kingdom. I pray for all of you!

Fr. Benoît Grière,
Superior general