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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Letter n° 8 from Fr. Benoit Grière, Superior general


2020-09-24 - Rome


Dear Brothers and friends of the Alliance,

This letter is the fruit of long reflection on vocations in the Church and particularly at the Assumption. As we know, our congregation has always had a concern to serve as intermediaries
of God’s bidding to men and women. The Kingdom that is at hand needs workers, whether they be priests, lay-people, religious, or consecrated persons. Our Rule of Life reminds us that we work «
to support Christian vocations, particularly religious and priestly vocations » (#16). Three other numbers (#133-135) specify the demands of vocation ministry. 

Emmanuel d’Alzon tirelessly urged the Assumption to awaken vocations, saying that it was an
essential apostolic priority of the Institute. Alumnates, the work of Our Lady of Vocations (Notre-Dame des Vocations), residences for young people, schools, chaplaincies at universities and at other educational institutions…. all of these demonstrate our family’s concern to reach out to young people and invite them to reflect on the meaning of their lives and to help them to find the right path under the Lord’s watchful gaze.

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