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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

A patchwork day


2018-12-11 - Rome

As happens in meetings, the last day of work accumulates a number of files that have not yet been sufficiently worked on. There is a rush of themes to conclude in all serenity. The Mobilizing Works presented their annual report. During this December session, there was Bayard, which we already talked about last Friday, but there was also Assumption College, ISEAB and Accompagner. It was interesting to hear successively the presentation of the reports of our New England University (Worcester) and then that of the ISEAB in Butembo (DRC). Two higher education institutions that want to promote quality Christian education. Good news was received at the CGP: ISEAB became, by decree of the Ministry of Education of Congo, the Université de l'Assomption au Congo (UAC). This recognition of the Congolese State honours us. The same is true for Assumption College, which will soon also be called Assumption University. Father d'Alzon would be proud to see his dream come true. Our works need to strengthen the Assumptionist presence in the teaching staff or in other sectors such as administration or pastoral work. This is urgent for Worcester, a little less so for Butembo where the involvement of Assumptionists is stronger. With " Accompagner ", we have a social work that does important work to support humble people in the administrative process in Brussels. A beautiful team of about sixty volunteers and 4 employees are generously dedicated.

We updated the list of "key positions" of the Congregation. It is a question of identifying the important needs for religious to allow the Assumption to pursue its mission. Whether in the media, education, religious formation, specialized studies, mobilizing works, the Eastern Mission. The effort of the provincials to find men is remarkable in our context of shortage. We have some interesting leads that should be able to materialize soon enough. Another subject was discussed with the organization of the session on "Review of the Assumptionist missionary experience". About fifteen religious with a missionary experience will be invited to participate. It will be in Rome from June 27 to July 4. A letter of invitation will soon be sent to invite the participants. The aim is to foster the renewal of missionary dynamism in our congregation by analyzing the failures and successes of the past 50 years. How to prepare future missionaries? How to support them? How can we encourage them to be welcomed in the various sending countries? What spirituality to develop? A copious program!

We received Father Luc MARTEL to hear his ipsissima verba. Indeed, Luc will leave his position as Director of the Bureau of Development and Solidarity (BDS) in January. In the 10 years he has been in this position, Luc, surrounded by a fine team (Gervais Bakerethi, Didier Remiot), has enabled a significant increase in the number of grants received and the number of applications submitted to donor organizations. Luc insisted on the need to have relay men in the provinces to present good dossiers.

Finally, we adopted the modifications to the Rule of Life requested by the Holy See, approved the statutes of the future Vicariates of Asia-Oceania and West Africa and adopted the "Administrative Directory" of the Congregation. An eclectic day!