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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

This Monday, we made progress on the theme of interculturality


2018-12-10 - Rome

How did Sunday go by so quickly? We had a day of rest after 6 days of work. Each member of the Plenary General Council had the opportunity to do as he wished and make the most of the hours of rest. For those who were interested, an appointment was made at 5pm in the historic center of Rome - which is quite beautiful at the moment with all the Christmas lights - to visit a beautiful exhibition on the poet Ovid. The group then shared some pizza in the traditional Italian manner.
This Monday, we made progress on the theme of interculturality, which was discussed at the Plenary General Council in Arusha last June. Each Provincial Superior had to work on the integration of this theme with his council, and they were all invited to share the results of this work in the Plenary General Council. Equipped with the information that was presented, we split up into small groups to try to identify ways to better integrate into formation a preparation for intercultural communities. We also tried to identify how to better prepare religious who accept to go on mission outside their country. This was followed, of course, by sharing feedback in assembly on the main points of the groups' reflections.
The early afternoon was devoted to a topic that came up at each session of the Plenary General Council: the authorization of community openings and closings. This is how the following topics were presented to us:
- The empowerment of the Tulear postulancy community, which was dependent on the SanFil community, to become a distinct community;
- Prospects for a foundation in Lomé, Togo;
- The closure of the Cerro Navia formation house in Santiago de Chile. This house will now be rented to provide income for the Andean Province;
This section was followed by the presentation of appointments that must be approved by the Superior General in his Plenary General Council:
- The superior of the formation house of the community of Lyon Debrousse;
- The superior of the Scholasticate of Saigon-Fatima;
- The superior of the Ampandrana formation community (Antananarivo, Madagascar), a community that has seen its membership increase significantly this year;
- The person in charge of formation in the Province of Africa.
The day ended with a presentation of the 2019 budget of the General House, which was followed by the approval of three normative texts:
- An update of an already approved text that specifies certain economic principles related to CIFAs;
- A form authorizing the transfer of a religious from one province to another (requested by the General Chapter 2017.)
- A document reminding that any important decision in the life of a CIFA must be approved by the Plenary General Council.
Finally, a draft brochure presenting the congregation was mentioned.