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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

On this sixth day of the Plenary General Council, fatigue is settling in


2018-12-08 - Rome

On this sixth day of the Plenary General Council, fatigue is settling in. In addition, a nasty virus is making its way through the PGC and the due pini community. This morning, it is the Secretary General's turn to remain in bed.

Today, we have a clearly, but clearly more fragmented schedule.

We began by studying three normative texts aimed at better addressing the difficulties encountered during the transfer of religious between provinces and in the functioning of international formation houses. We then reviewed the implementation of the vicariates and the Vice-Province of East Africa. The Plenary General Council is aware that, with regard to the Vicariate of Kinshasa, the deadlines indicated by the General Chapter will probably not be met. We also approved the first apostolic appointments that had not yet been processed. A good period of reflection is then given to the situation of our community in Turkey and to the consequences of the appeal that the Plenary General Council published last June to find volunteers, religious or lay, to strengthen our presence in Istanbul: some leads, at least temporary, seem to be emerging. At the end of the morning, the Provincial Superior of the Andean Province presented his reflections with a view to rebuilding our community and our mission in Ecuador, which has been suffering greatly for several years. The Plenary General Council wishes to relaunch our presence in Riobamba and, while recognizing that this will only be possible with the contribution of religious from the Province of Africa, stresses that it would nevertheless be necessary for at least one of the re-founding brothers to have a good knowledge of Latin American culture. Finally, the Provincial of Europe presented us with a complete overview of the presence of the Assumption in Spain. Here again, the rapid ageing of religious will require decisions to be taken.

The afternoon is left free to allow bilateral meetings between members of the Plenary General Council.