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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

The Contribution of the French Assumptionists to the Study of the Orthodox Church


2018-05-03 - France

(The Byzantine Library in Kadikoy)

Summary: the Congregation of the Assumptionists and the installation of a small community in Kadiköy (Istanbul) in 1895; the work of the Assumptionists, subject of a colloquium held in Bucharest in September 2014, entitled "The Contribution of French Assumptionists to Byzantine studies"; several examples of publications produced by the Assumptionists that have become indispensable for Byzantine and post-Byzantine studies; the interest of Assumptionists for the spirituality of Byzantine authors (e.g. Gregory Palamas, Nicholas Kabasilas, Theoleptos of Philadelphia); confessional aspect and scholarly aspect: the Assumptionists, "apostles who became scholars".

 To be read: M.-H. Blanchet, I.-A. Tudorie (ed.), L'apport des Assompionnistes français aux études byzantines. Une approche critique. Actes du colloque de Bucarest, 25-27, septembre 2014, Archives de l'Orient Chrétien 21, Institut francais d'études byzantines, 2017.