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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

«Say 33!»


2017-05-18 - Lyon

When we go to the doctor, he can ask us to say the number 33. It is for a medical reason that he makes this request to us. When it is said 33, it is a question of evaluating the transmission of the vibrations in the lungs and thus detects any zones where they are not transmitted. In their turn, at the end of their three weeks of work for the 33rd General Chapter of the Assumptionists, capitulates were able to ensure that the entire body breathes well with both lungs and irrigates the brain. For this purpose, the diagnoses shared by the Assembly and the common prescriptions developed, walked step by step, gave a state of the good health of the Congregation.

Tuesday was devoted to the adoption - often unanimously - of all the eleven capitulate texts with official status prepared by the Commissions, then reviewed and amended, and the six animated texts. It was done in regular rhyme of coming and going between small groups and Assemblies. The votes were accompanied by plaudits. With the lead, the vote on the Charism, considered the keystone of the talk, fruit of this New Wine at the source of the theme of the 33rd Chapter. It was said that “the religious life shared in the Assumption is called to be like the burning bush that prompted Moses “to see this strange spectacle”(Ex 3:3).

Fire is the fire of God, which the Assumptionist community and the laity who share in its commitment maintain with the wood of their faith, their joy, their virtues; we like the risk that this fire spreads in our societies. The list of texts subsequently adopted, based on this foundation, has been clarified. First of all, with the apostolic axes (new ones): formation-internationalityinter-culturality, youth and vocations, education, Lay-religious alliance, our property, resources, management, community organization, statutes. And then in documents presented as animated texts mainly from the sequences of world coffee: mobilizing works, Justice and peace, new foundations, Eastern Mission, postulation and parishes. Finally, the Chapter learned of three messages sent for the end of the work: to lay brothers and friends, to the sisters of the Assumption family and to our elder brothers. Good bread for the next six years. In addition, the Antoni-Greiner motion encouraging the Superior General to study the possibility of other forms of community organization than that of the provinces was adopted.

Capitulates prepared themselves for dispersal. They gradually left Valpré, with briefcases full of documents.
F. Robert Migliorini, a.a. robert.migliorini@assomption.org