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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

The time is approaching and it is now!


2017-05-17 - Lyon

Since Saturday the Chapter has kept its head in the texts elaborated by the committees. It is putting in place the government of the next six years and refining an adapted community organization.
The observations, appeals, recommendations, convictions, proposals, the whole program of the Chapter are put under examination for final adoptions. This is Patient work, demanding, and sometimes trying. Such led the Superior General to invite everyone to cultivate the necessary courage to carry out the work begun since April 28: “You have to keep the distance, in the confidence, despite the cumbersome work and accumulated fatigue. The translation service is very much sought after... and we thank our interpreters. Moreover, any decision can lead to tensions. Let us remember that we are brothers! At the heart of our reflection must always be this fraternity, therefore charity, therefore forgiveness. It is an invitation to courage, participation: a chapter is the fruit of all! A new call to maintain this momentum of the provisional, a perspective reminded on many occasions these days. What makes a capitulate say: “In the provisional dynamic, let’s make sure we have a dynamic, not just a temporary one!”

Concretely on this sunny Monday, Father Wilfrid, promoter of the Chapter, had announced a busy day. The facts did not contradict him. The quasi-marathon of the committees began with the text on education, entitled “Educators in the service of truth, charity and unity”, presented by Fr. Jean-Paul Sagadou. The latter insists on the priority status of the dossier in the exchanges. Then the Chapter examined the new text on the pastoral work of young people and vocations presented by Father Cezar Andrei.

A sequence followed by the passage in the Grand Assembly of the new text on formation and the Ratio presented by Fr. Jean-François Petit. The update of the Ratio institutionis is then the first text voted and implemented by Chapter 2017. This is the first of a long series to come.

Finally, the morning ended with a restitution of the “world café” held Saturday morning. It is first of all the table on the theme “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation” presented by Br. Milad Yacoub. This restitution continued with the table which dealt with the theme “Postulation” and whose fruit is presented by Fr. Richard Lamoureux. Critical reading of the texts continued. It started with the theme of community organization presented by Father Bernard Holzer. The Chapter then studied the text commissioned by the Commission ‘Eastern Mission” presented by Father Cezar Andrei at first reading. Then, after a well-deserved break, the Chapter moved on to the presentation of the text entitled the Lay-Religious Alliance. This is a text with a special status. It was in his first version co-written with the laity present at the Chapter. Finally, an examination of the document entitled “Strengthening Training in Internationality and Inter-culturality”. The last moments of the afternoon were consecrated in a working time in committee.
In the evening the election of the Vicar General and the General Secretary and Prosecutor near the Holy See takes place. After the invocation of the Holy Spirit who probes the kidneys and hearts, the Assembly elected as Vicar General. Fr Marcelo Marciel who accepted his election. The election of the Secretary General and Prosecutor was then held near the Holy See. Father Michel KUBLER was elected and accepted his election.

F. Robert Migliorini, a.a.