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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Father Benoït Grière reelected as Superior General


2017-05-10 - Lyon

A solemn moment this Tuesday morning with the election of the person who will guide the congregation during the next six years. Father Benoit Griere, superior General and, consequently, the president of the Chapter was in charge of the animation of this time of the election.

Before the election there was a prayer during which a hymn was sung calling on the Holy Spirit to come over the chapter members and over the person who will be elected to become the 10th successor to Father d’Alzon at the head of the congregation.

The passage of the Gospel of Saint Marc (10:32-45) that insists on service was proclaimed in the three official languages of the congregation. After that the chapter members cast their vote by writing the name of the person who they think is best suited for being the superior General.

Thus Father Benoit Griere was reelected as the superior General. Father Richard Lamoureux then asked Father Benoit if he accepted the call of the 33rd General Chapter of the congregation.

In response Father Benoit said that one should not seek the places of honor and has to learn to become a servant of all. He explained that it has been 18 years since he left Madagascar, his profession as a doctor nutritionist and his pastoral work to answer the Lord’s calling. He is a religious devoted to the small family of the Assumption. He also knows the suffering that is caused by not being able to answer all of the God’s callings.

In Ars, this past Monday, during a day of rest, he took the time during his meditation in front of the Holy Sacrament and asked what his answer would be if he was chosen again to be superior General. Is he a new wineskin? Christ is the new wine, and he remembered what the Lord once said to Saint Catherine of Siena: “Make yourself a ‘capacity’ and I will make myself a ‘torrent’”. A quote of a reformer of her time (Saint Catherine of Siena, 1347-1380).

Reelected superior General, Father Benoit Griere received a warm welcome and gratitude of all the brothers of the Chapter before celebrating his election, surrounded by his two predecessors, Fathers Richard Lamoureux and Claude Marechal.

The General Chapter goes on. Several commissions have presented their work. Awaiting the creation of the new government that will be elected for the next six years.

Br. Robert Migliorini, aa