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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

On the way to the election of the Superior General


2017-05-10 - Lyon

The chapter continues with this question recalled at various times: “What does the Lord of the Assumption want today? Will she be able to follow her calls? The Assumption must face the challenges of today, with the means on board; let go and look ahead. The new wine is with us, in the person of Jesus Christ. But where shall we find the skins? The challenges are seemingly insurmountable, but the Assumption must continue to give meaning to the world today, to make the world more human, more like God. Let us drive off! “. On Saturday, Fr. Wilfrid undertook a summary of previous episodes.

Each chapter mechanism passes through three successive phases: that of the inputs with its incubators, which are the different commissions working from the reports and presentations of the previous days. A second phase, the ‘output ‘analyses their productions and proceeds to deliberations. Finally, a third phase sees the adoption and codification of the results. To this day, the chapter has reached the end of the first phase and seems to approach the next two with certain serenity.

The practical work continued on Saturday and Sunday with the question: how is the Charism of the Assumption embodied? A document is being prepared which could be titled: “Serving unity in a divided world”, as a structuring and broadly encompassing idea for the whole of our chapter. The examination of  the situation of the Eastern Mission was another illustration. On Sunday; Frs. Michel KUBLER and  Cezar ANDREI presented these realities. This is a presentation that could have been given in Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish or Romanian in order to fulfil the various languages spoken within the Eastern Mission. This specific mission of the congregation is marked by the figure of the Bulgarian martyrs. The gift of their lives empowers each brother and the entire congregation. The martyrs, of whom two are of Latin rite and the third of Byzantine rite evoke the ecumenism of the blood. The martyr is the sign of the great weakness of the Assumption and it is a matter to be tackled on a spiritual level.

On Sunday again the chapter returned to the contours to be given to the Lay Religious Alliance. Fr. Grière recalled the recommendation of Chapter 2011, which called for a canonical and legal structure enabling lay people who so wished to associate with the authorization of the General (in fact, only one request in this sense was received, France, for an association of faithful); The later stage would be an international association, but that would necessarily then happen by belonging to local associations. These are the two major innovations since 2011: the “Way of Life”, and this recognition of an association of faithful.

If the contemplated project of the congregation becomes more precise for the days to come, the choice of a new government of the congregation is coming closer. The superior general and the assistants shared their experiences. “I quickly realized that these responsibilities are not at all easy! Animation of the body is a service that exposes to solitude, demands a lot of energy and a mother’s heart.” he said.

Br. Robert Migliorini, aa.