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Becoming an Assumptionist

de l'Assomption

Capitulum Generale

The 33rd general chapter gathers some 70 persons: ex officio and elected delegates, invited lay guests, translators and interpreters, secretaries, director of communications, preacher, etc.

This gathering is at the service of the entire Congregation to determine in prayer and discernment the direction the Assumption will take over the next six years. The theme of the chapter is already well-known, « New wine into fresh wineskins: So that Jesus Christ may be proclaimed to the men and women of our day ». Therefore the entire Congregation is in a state of chapter. The website has been set up to provide you with information and to offer you an opportunity to join us in our work. It goes without saying that we count on your prayers.

Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon was bold and daring. He wanted to place himself wholeheartedly at the service of the Kingdom. We want to be faithful to him and to walk in his footsteps. The stakes are high. The Assumption, our family, was founded to proclaim the God of love of Jesus Christ. The chapter bears the heavy responsibility of defining the conditions for its mission in today’s world.

Very Rev. Benoît GRIÈRE, A.A.


Province Provincial Last Name Name
Province of Europe   Alibert Arnaud
Province of Europe   Andrei Cezar
Province of Europe   Antoni André
Province of Afric   Bahati Antigon
Province of Brazil   Bento de Souza Marco Lucio
Province of Europe   Bodart Laurent
Province of Madagascar   BOTRALAHY Gilbert Romain
Province of Europe   Cabanac Vincent
Province of Brazil Provincial da Silva Luiz Gonzaga
Province AN-Philippines Provincial Díaz Ayllon José Miguel
Members by right   Franck John
Province AN-Philippines   Gallagher Dennis
Province of Europe   Greiner Dominique
Members by right   Grière Benoît
Province of Europe Provincial Gschwind Benoît
Province AN-Philippines   Holzer Bernard
Province of Afric Provincial Kabila Kalondo Protais
Members by right   Kahindo Kihugho Emmanuel
Province of Afric   Kakule Tsongo Michaël
Province of Afric   Kambale Kahongya Thierry
Province of Afric   Kasereka Kapitula Ephrem
Province of Afric   Kasereka Kibanda Wilfrid
Province of Afric   Kasereka Musande Salvator
Province of Afric   Kasongo Mayamba Jean-Claude
Guests   Kubler Michel
Members by right   Lamoureux Richard
Members by right   Le Léannec Bernard
Guests   Lituañas Jay
Members by right Marciel Marcelo
Province of Andean Provincial Marzolla Juan Carlos
Province of Europe   Muhindo Ndungo Philippe
Province of Europe   Nguyen Van Paul Hung
Province of Afric   Odhiambo Yallah Benard
Province of Andean   Paluku Lukenzano Bolivar
Province of Afric   Paluku Meso Jean-Marie
Province of Europe   Petit Jean-François
Province of Madagascar Provincial Rafanambinamtsoa Joseph Etienne
Province of Madagascar   Raharivelo Erick
Province of Madagascar   Rakotoarilala Louis-Martin
Members by right   Remiot Didier
Province of Europe   Sagadou Jean-Paul
Province AN-Philippines   Shatov Edouard
Province of Andean   Silva Serrano Marco
Province of Afric   Tshiamala Katalayi François
Province of Europe   Yacoub Milad
Ex officio delegate   Bustica Karem
Ex officio delegate   Cavadini Silvie
Ex officio delegate   Cruz Paiva Tisi Lucíola
Ex officio delegate   De Lombarde Jef
Ex officio delegate   Diaz Nancy
Ex officio delegate   Haggerty Pat
Ex officio delegate   Kahambu Vumilia Stella
Ex officio delegate   Njeri Wanyoire Mary
Ex officio delegate   Paluku Kihundu Eric
Ex officio delegate   Prada Victoria
Ex officio delegate   Ramiaramanana Marie Urbain
Ex officio delegate   Rentero Paco
Ex officio delegate   Rouette Chantal
Ex officio delegate   Rouquet Marie-Claire
Ex officio delegate   Sabbag Jean Nicolas
Translator   Blouin Gilles
Translator   Calle Anastasio
Secretary’s office   Crouzier Nicolas
Secretary’s office   Eckert Jean-Luc
Translator   Garcia Sanchez Oswaldo
Translator   Kasereka Syayipuma Roger
Recollection   Kientz Marie Bernard
Translator   Migheri Jean-Baptiste
Communication   Migliorini Robert
Translator   Nzuva Kaghoma Yves